How you can support Martlets with a birthday fundraiser

How you can support Martlets with a birthday fundraiser

Got a birthday coming up? You can make a huge difference with a birthday fundraiser

You may have seen them on your Facebook feed; a fundraiser for one of your friends birthdays. Maybe its on Facebook itself, or maybe it’s through another method. But either way, they are making a huge impact to how charities like us raise funds. In the first year of operation, Facebook fundraisers have raised nearly £20,000 for Martlets, with more than 1,000 individual donors.

With a variety of different charities to choose from, we’re delighted you’re interested in supporting Martlets to celebrate your birthday. Here are three tips in maximising your fundraising and thank you in advance for your support.

Woman carrying a birthday cake in the garden

1. Make it personal

We’ve found that fundraisers who’ve raised money for us do better when the story is personal. While we’ve provided you with some basic text to get started, we encourage all our supporters to customise it. Think about including things such as why you’re supporting us along with any connection you have to Martlets. 

2. Remind your friends to donate

Facebook sends reminders to your friends letting them know you have your fundraiser running, but a quick message to your pals can nudge them in the right direction. Let them know why your fundraiser is extra special to you.

3. Send us your details

Just one last thing… we would love to send you a thank you for celebrating your birthday with a fundraiser. But we don’t receive your details from Facebook’. Please drop us a message with your address and we’ll get right on it!

Start a Facebook fundraiser for Martlets

Need more help? Check out Facebook’s guide to setting up a fundraising page here.

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Published 17/07/2019