#BeMoreSnail in 2018

#BeMoreSnail in 2018

What are your resolutions this January? Same old pledge to lose a bit of weight, cut down on drinking or do a bit more exercise? If you’re in need of inspiration or want to try something new, why not join in with the Martlets #BeMoreSnail campaign, which ties in with their magical art event, Snailspace. This exciting event will see 50 giant decorated snails take to the streets of Brighton and Hove this autumn.

The whole idea behind the #BeMoreSnail campaign is to prioritise wellbeing. As part of the event, Martlets is encouraging everyone to think about what ‘Being More Snail’ means to them. It could be to take more enjoyment in the everyday, whether that means taking the time to eat lunch away from your desk, or wholly engaging with your child’s update on the day, or enjoying a long soak in the bath.  It is about slowing down and fully experiencing what is happening in the here and now. Making time for the things that make you happy.

Our Martlets nurses ready to #BeMoreSnail

Speaking about why Martlets has chosen giant snails for its next sculpture, Imelda Glackin, CEO of Martlets, explains:

The snail sculpture resonates so wonderfully with the work we do at Martlets. Our life-changing hospice care helps people do the things they love with the time they have. In this fast paced city it’s often hard to remember to slow down and appreciate the things in life that make us smile.

One of the major outcomes of the art trails devised by Wild in Art, the company behind the previous Snowdogs and now Snailspace partnership with Martlets, is the impact they have on visitors’ wellbeing.  Having run many events worldwide, a consistent finding has been both the mental health and physical benefits. Visitors report spending more time outside, increased physical activity from walking around the trail. They also report spending more quality time with friends and family. Often the wellbeing extends to a buzz around the city as it engenders civic pride and serves as a catalyst for increased interaction between strangers and community engagement.

If there’s one thing that is likely to get people striking up conversation on the bus it’s an encounter with a beautifully decorated giant gastropod. So, rather than get disillusioned with your January resolutions, why not pledge to make 2018 the year you decide to #BeMoreSnail and simply do something you actively enjoy, everyday.

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Published 09/01/2018