Geronimo Beats Snaily McSnailspace

Beating off stiff competition from SnailyMcSnailspace, Martisse, and Oscar Go, the public have chosen Geronimo, as the name for the ‘mascot’ snail, the latest addition to the interactive public art event, ‘Snailspace’ in aid of Martlets next year. 

The name actually relates to the largest African giant snail ever found. Named Gee Geronimo, it was owned by Christopher Hudson (1955–79) of Hove and was collected in Sierra Leone in June 1976. It measured 39.3 cm (15.5 in) from snout to tail when fully extended, with a shell length of 27.3 cm (10.75 in). Ironically, its namesake on the ‘Snailway’ will be many times bigger, measuring over 1.5m in height. 

The mascot snail, now named Geronimo, will be part of the Snailspace fundraising event due to take to the streets in Autumn 2018.  The design was recently revealed on the Snailspace Facebook page ( and captures the idea of a giant ‘Snailway’ running through the streets of the city.  It also features the campaign’s key slogan, #BeMoreSnail, to encourage us all to slow down in 2018.

He will also be making guest appearances at various Martlets’ events in 2018 ahead of taking his permanent place on the ‘Snailway’ in Sept 2018. Organisations wanting him to slide his way into their event should contact the Snailspace team at Martlets Hospice. 

To find out more about Snailspace please visit the website: