Dedicated Val wins our Lottery jackpot

A Martlets volunteer who has been tirelessly working for us for more than twenty years has won our Lottery jackpot of £1,500.

Val Persaud has worked in several of our charity shops and has, for the last sixteen years, been helping out behind the scenes in our warehouse with the important task of sorting up clothes that have been donated.

Martlets lottery winner Val Persaud

She said, “I love volunteering, it’s something I’ve always done because it keeps me busy and active. I’m here three times a week and it takes me an hour to get here, on two different buses, so I must really enjoy it!

“I’ve been playing the hospice’s Lottery for a very long time, so I really got a shock when they rang and told me that I’d won. I thought someone was having a joke to start with, it took me a while to come to terms with it. It was only when I received the cheque that it became real.

“I hadn’t been doing the Lottery with the intention of winning, I played it because Martlets is such a good cause; I really didn’t expect to get anything back.

“I’m planning on using the money to get some new windows, because my old ones are leaking and letting in the damp. Then I’m going to take ten of my friends from Martlets out for a lovely meal at Donatellos.”

You can play our Lottery for as little as £2 a week with a chance of winning the top prize of £1,500. The winners’ numbers are drawn by computer each Friday and are published the following Monday in the Argus and on our website.

Sign up online at or contact Sheila Green on 01273 747455 for more details.

Please note: to play the Martlets’ Lottery you MUST be at least 16 years of age and resident in England,Scotland or Wales.